maanantai marraskuu 29. 2021

How to listen our internet stations?

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The easy way to listen is to use a net player. You can find one on our own pages and other possibility. To be able to use them you need a HTML5-compatible or Adobe Flash Player supporting browser.  The best way to check that is to connect.

Listening with a media player

You can also listen to our radio stations with a mp3-stream supporting media player, such as WinAmp, iTunes or VLC Player. You can check the possibility by direct links below ( linkki 1 or linkki 2). If they don’t work, please copy paste the URL to your media player’s ”Play URL”.

320 kbps offers the best quality, but you may want to use 64 kbps. Please try it.


Klasu Pro

KlasuPro logo violetti    320 kbps: (link 1 | link 2)
    128 kbps: (link 1 | link 2)
      64 kbps: (link 1 | link 2)




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